I have performed the solo part to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in many venues with many orchestras, including with The Wichita Symphony Orchestra and on Mountain Stage. My performance with the WSU Chamber Players has been used on multiple independent films, commercial advertisements, and a variety of uploaded videos. It appears on Wikipedia, and has been recognized there as a featured sound, acknowledging it as one of their finest sound files.

Live, unedited performance of Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons complete
River Cities Symphony Orchestra
John Harrison, soloist

My recording with the WSU Chamber Players is licensed as CC BY-SA 1.0. When using all or parts of that recording, attribution should look something like:

From The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi
Live, Unedited performance
Wiedemann Recital Hall, Wichita State University
John Harrison – Violin | Robert Turizziani – Conductor
The Wichita State University Chamber Players

An uncompressed version of the audio is available upon request.

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